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Social Media Helps A Lot in Improving Website Credibility

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For a long time, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media were totally two separated parts. However, the social media really play important role in improving website credibility since Google and Bing and other main search engines bring social media to the SEO party. There is no doubt that you can get an amazing result if you combine your search engine optimization team and social media team together. As we all know, website credibility is of great importance to search engine optimization, so there is no doubt that many people are trying their best to improve credibility. Social media can be regarded one of the perfect solutions actually.

In this internet era, you can make a website and create a social account as long as you like. And we should be smart in the world of internet spam, scams and shams. We should have learned to be wary of what we find online. As you may know, internet is magical. You can create an account of social media and pretend to be an 18- year old beautiful girl no matter you are 6 or 80 years old, and no matter you are male or female. What present to viewers is the "18-year old beautiful girl". You know what I mean, right? Search engines are no different. All search engines want to ensure that they only return trustworthy and legitimate search results to their users. So, in order to ensure quality, search engines work to determine a site's credibility.

How do you earn trust from visitors, especially the new visitors? How do search engines measure the credibility? For years, search engines determine the legitimacy of your website by evaluating your internal links, external links, a clean and no error website, traffic, sitemap and so forth. Now, main search engines like Google and Yahoo have bring social media as one part of their optimization party. So, it can be regarded as one new factor that can improve your credibility. Visitors can find a company through social media like Twitter and Facebook very easily. And there is no doubt that the social media links can boost the credibility of website of company.

It is a truth that more and more people are involved in the use of social media. Although social SEO is still a new concept, it can provide a new direction where search is heading. And it really can boost your brand's credibility. Taking Google+1 for an example, it gives opportunity to people who have a Google account to vouch for a link. You can share your links to other website if  you have social media account.

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