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Free Website URL Is Easy to Be Created in This Way

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URL or the Uniform Resource Locator is of great importance to SEO since it is the Internet address specific to the page of a particular site's location on the World Wide Web, like "http://www.trueland.net". There are many ways to get an URL actually. For example, you can buy it, or create it by yourself. Here, we will give you a brief introduction on how to create a free website URL.

First, you should prepare something. For example, you should find a free website provider and an email address. Research free website providers like ShortURL.com. You can turn to provider pages, like Weebly.com, Wix.com and Web.com to find a free provider if you want to create your website documents and store your files. Ensure that you know how your website displays on the Internet.

Second, choose the provider and check to see whether the URL is available. You can enter your expected address in a text field to clik the button like "Go" or "Create" to submit your entry or article to check if the URL is available. There will list othe similar names that can be used if the URL is not available.

Third, you are advised to follow the hints to sign up for your free website URL. If the URL is available, you are advised to sign up for an account. You are required to provide your name, email address, and password to the providers.

Fourth, before you submit to agree the conditions of providers, you are advised to read any term of service guidelines to see whether you agree with it. You can use mechanism, like drop-down menu or check box to indicate your acceptance.

Fifth, you can use your free website URL by following the specific instructions of providers for implementing.

Follow the provider's specific instructions for implementing and using your free website URL.

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