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What Are the Main Features of Excellent SEO Landing Page?

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Do you know something about landing pages? Actually there are many obvious features of the great seo landing pages, like the comprehensible URLs, specific landing pages, consistent tones and so forth.

Generally, an excellent seo landing page will have a comprehensible URL. In order to reinforce your branding, your landing page URL should be as readable and short as possible to make it easy and convenient to read. It should be readily identifiable by the reader in their address bar. This can be regarded as one of the important features of SEO landing page, a good landing page.

You are not advised to use scroll bar since it is not good for your website. Your landing pages should be as square as possible to accommodate the vast variety of screen sizes and resolutions. And it should be on vertical axis if you have to go longer. It is not a wisdom choice to make your pages over square on the horizontal as that will create side scrolling which is suicidal in the mobile web enabled device arena. Your landing pages should have nav bars to the rest of your website, intelligently structured so that they primarily lead to similar or complimentary offerings.

Try subcategories right now if you are not segmenting your audience into particular demographic, geographic. You can set up carefully targeted landing pages to suit each group. Dumping all your responding subscribers indiscriminately onto a single blanket landing page will severely cut into your conversion rate success.

Also, you should know that tone is of great importance, especially when your email is hip and young. You should harmonize everything from color scheme to layout to font style to everything else that every step of the prospect's progress through your online sales procedure will reassure the consumers that they didn't end up somewhere else. You are also advised to use a super hero shot which is the prominent and largest image on landing page. It should be always above the fold and if they relate to your seo product or service, they should be clickable.

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