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Proper SEO Linking Strategies to Promote Your Website

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Links are of great importance to the success of website and SEO. Good linking strategies can promote your website since Google and other major search engines consider the numbers of incoming links to your website or link popularity as an important indicator of relevance to determine your ranking in search results. In other words, more links of your website will help you rank higher in the search engines. But what should you know is that not all links are equal. For example, you will rank much higher if your incoming links are from popular sites rather than lower traffic sites.

1. It Is of Great Importance to Submit Your Website to Key Directories

As we have introduced above, popular sites, including website directories will help you rank higher and get more traffic. Generally speaking, a directory can be regarded as a hierarchical listing of sites which are sorted according to category and subcategory. You are advised to list your site in the free Open Directory Project which will be overseen by overworked volunteer editors. A link in this directory will help you a lot.

2. Submit Your Website to Organization Sites and Specialized Directories

Different directories may emphasize on different industries or areas, like health, education or commercial areas. Your website may belong to various trade associations that feature member directories. You may ask for a link actually since it may help boost your rank if you pay something for a link from the organization.

3. Reciprocal Links Are of Great Importance

Reciprocal links are of great importance to boost your PageRank. You can find websites in your general niche and request a reciprocal link to your website to your free service. You'd better build reciprocal links from sites that generates a similar amount of traffic as your own site. You are also advised to look for smaller sites that may have linking pages to avoid the high traffic webmasters which are too busy to answer your request.

4. Submit Your Free Articles to Website Like EzineArticles.com

You can write articles in your area of expertise and distribute them to websites like EzineArticles.com for free content for their websites, then you can dramatically increase your visibility when they agree to use your article. This is an effective measures to get countless links to your site over time.

5. Release Issue News to Web Periodicals in Your Industry

Select newsworthy events and second news releases to print and Web periodicals in your industry. Then the links to your site in online news databases may remain for several months and will temporarily improve traffic to your website and increase your link popularity. You may try to use PR Web.

Hope that the linking strategies we provide above can bring benefits to you. Thanks for reading!

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