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Good SEO Meta Description Is Vital

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Meta description is called snippets by Google and it is the description text appearing below links in search results actually. Ignoring the importance and function of description is your fatal false when doing SEO, or search engine optimization. Google states that titles and descriptions in search results are generated completely by automation. Google regards the description as the primary source of basic information about your webpage when generating your description text.

Generally speaking, there are many situations that are not good for Google search engines. For example, some website use the same description for all of its webpages, or a number of pages. Also, there are some descriptions are too short, or full of keywords. So, we say that writing description needs skills and techniques. Not all description can help bring benefits. You are advised to write a great meta description in hopes that it will appear in most cases rather than what a search engine comes up with. Here are some tips of how to write the meta description:

First of all, write different meta description for different webpages. Ensure that your meta descriptions are unique for each page. You can check with your reports in Webmaster Tools since duplication can occur for inconsistent formation of links and other factors.

Second, the meta description should be brief and natural. Keep your description words within 20 to 30 words, and try to eliminate less valuable words like the, a, and or. Repeating your brand name of your website in your meta description is unnecessary actually.

Third, your meta description should be written around the topic of your page. It should describe the content of the page to searchers. The description should make the users know clearly that the page can deliver what they expect.

Fourth, it is of great importance to include the page's main keyword in the meta description. It can show users what they are looking for is to be found on the page. Do keyword research to figure out what is the most popular form of keyword phrase that users commonly use when seeking your content type.

Fifth, you are advised to study the description of other pages of other websites in the search results that are ranking highly for the phrase you want to rank for. You can imitate their writing skills or characteristics.

Sixth, you may include a call to action phrase. And include significant differentiating information to make your webpage listing stand out. You can choose words like free shipping, free estimates, latest information and so forth to drive searchers to click on your listing instead of your competitors.

In addition, you should check your description to see whether there are some errors. You are not advised to mislead consumers to what your page is about actually.

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