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How to Optimize Online Press Page in An Effective Way?

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When it comes to SEO, or search engine optimization, we know that content if the kind, right? Actually, online press release can be regarded as one forms of content which can boost your credibility and help your website rank higher in search results. The press page can present in top-level navigation. Some add it as a dropdown under their navigation under an ¡°about¡± page or in the footer of a website. Some organizations use their blogs to help serve as press page. Commonly, it can be named as ¡°Press,¡± ¡°News,¡± ¡°Media,¡± ¡°In the News¡± and so forth. You can name your press page with the name you like. Here, we will give you some tips on how to optimize your online press page in an effective way.

First of all, you should know where will your page go or where is your page location. As we have introduced above, the press page can be placed in top-level navigation or other places. You need to document it to help direct your web designer once you decide where your page will go. You can place it on the main navigation or under another area of the site actually.

Second, pay more attention to the page name. As we have introduced in our first paragraph, the press page can be named great differently, like Press, News, Media and so forth. Generally, the name of the page can dictate its emphasis. Choosing "News" will help get a better effect. The news or press page can be calculated to different sorts, like hot off press and press release. You will need to have names for the subpages and design them.

Third, the title or headline of the press page is very important. Choosing a perfect name is better for usability to tell people what the conent is about. And it can also multitask for search visibility.

Fourth, a press page needs press releases actually, so pay attention to the press releases and media kit. The well-written press releases help feed a writer a story with spin, quotes, and fact. The easier you make it for a journalist to write a story, the better.

Fifth, the press contact is also very important. The media contact should include the name, phone number, email address and so forth. It will help readers get deeper and more acknowledge to you. Well, you also need a media coverage. Content on a press page can include when your organization was featured in the news. You can add any awards or recognitions that your firm or company leaders have apply as well.

Sixth, you can share links to your social media channels to connect with consumers by using press page if you are on social media. The social media includes facebook, twitter, Google+, YouTube and so forth. Also, you can boost the credibility of your fim or company by showing videos, photos or logos of associations.

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