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What Should You Know About the Fold Advertising?

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The above the fold is the portion of a webpage that you can see in a browser window when the page first loads actually. It is also called the above scroll actually. Well, there are many ways affect the way a SEO page displays. We all know that, the size of the device's display is limited, and the advertising or areas that come into your eyes first may have a better impression at the first sight. So, more and more website owners have find this and work their best to make the so-called above the fold advertisement to reach a better effect among viewers.

There are many factors that affect the way a page displays, so the point on a webpage that users will scroll down is not constant. The factors include the size of the device's display, the end user's choice of browser, browser toolbars, browser custom setting and operating system the device is using and so forth.

Generally, users pay attention more with the content above the fold than below the fold. Well, if you want to do advertising, you are advised to make your key site functions and content related to your business goals appear at the top of the web page. The web designer should take consideration of the average screen sizes into consideration when making design. Frankly, the above the fold was first used to describe the placement of content on a newspaper's front page. The paper's headline and lead stories are placed on the portion of the front page that remains visible to the reader when the paper is folded horizontally for display on a news stand.

The above the fold advertising makes full use of the reading habit of users, and determines whether impressions on the Google Display Network will show ads on-screen when a user's browser window loads without having to scroll. The above the fold advertising may help boost your compaign's performance. You should increase your bids to maintain the same number of impressions when targeting these more premium placements.

Nowadays, online advertising is more and more popular and can produce a better effect actually. Well, the placement of the online ad is also very important. Choosing the above the fold advertising should be your best choice. The online advertisement can be sorted to above or below the fold. As the advertising placed on the page that is visible without using a mouse to scroll, it deserves your try since it can boost your business.

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