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How Can LSI Improve Your SEO?

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As we have introduced in our previous articles, LSI is short for Latent Semantic Indexing. And it should be one of your best choices to improve your SEO results and more relevant Google search engine indexings. Well, when search engines , like Google, Yahoo, MSN crawl through websites, they look not only your optimized keywords, but also other words exist on the pages as well. Search engine spiders will determine whether to rank your webpage or website by analyzing every word on your web page, and it should tell how closely the words are related to your website. There is no doubt that your website will have more chance to rank higer if you use more related keywords.

Have you ever considered how to improve your LSI ranking? Perhaps, the following methods can be used to help you actually:

First of all, you may try to add plenty of links to your page. You can link your optimized primary keyword to internal webpage about your topic and link a secondary keyword to an authority site.

Second, use the Google Tilde operator. If you wan to find which other keywords Google relates as relevant to your main optimized keyword, you should turn to this tool for help. The tilde operator takes the word immediately following it and searches both for that specific word and for the word's synonyms. It also searches for the term with alternative endings. The tilde operator works best when applied to general terms and terms with many synonyms. So, it is very helpful for you when analyzing your keywords. In math, the ~ symbol means is similar to. The tilde tells Google to search for pages that are synonyms or similar to the term that follows.

Third, check your content to see whether it meets the SEO rules. You should look at everything on your web pages individually. Although it may cost your a bit of time, it deserves your try since it can make you find the way towards the success of your website.

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