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Main Features of Good Domain Name

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As we have introduced in our previous articles, domain name is an identification string which can be used to define the realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the internet. According to the Wikipedia, "SEO Domain names are used in various networking contexts and application-specific naming and addressing purposes. " Generally, a domain name can represent an unique IP resource. There is no doubt that a good domain name is of great importance to the success of your website. Generally speaking, there are some main characteristics of good domain name which can be used as references to selecting a good domain name.

For example, good domain names are very short. The shorter the better actually. Generally speaking, there is no definite number of the characters of the domain name, but you'd better control it between 10 to 20 characters. Domain names contain one word are the best, two words are good, and three words are average. In general, words above three is a bad idea actually.

What's more, a good domain name must be easier to remember. For example, Google.com is a short and easy to remember domain name. So, it can keep countless visitors and visitors can type them whenever they want to visit the Google very easily. There are various kinds of short domain names, but not easy to remember. In comparison with the short but easy to remember domain name, it will lose many visitors. Well, one of the good way to create an easy-to-remember domain name is to make it easy to spell actually. Perhaps there is no website owners want their users misspelling their domain names and ending up somewhere else, right? So, you are advised to avoid to use unusual foreign words that have complex pronunciation, letters and anything else that may cause misspelling.

In addition, you'd better choose .com as your domain extension. Well, .com extension is the most popular around the world, and most people are familiar with such domain extension. Some organizations may tend to register a .org domain, and some education organization may register a .edu extension domain and so forth. All in all, you are advised to analyze concrete problems concretely.

Well, if you want your domain name to be remembered by more visitors, your domain name should be appealing and descriptive. The descriptive domain name will express the idea of what your website is about. You can design the domain name with your keyword in. A good domain name with a keyword also can help increase your search ranking. You are not advised to use the hyphens in your domain name since it may devalue your domain name.

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