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Cannot Insensible Common SEO Terms - Part II

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As to people who do SEO, especially for those freshman, you'd better be familiar with the common SEO terms actually. We have introduced some basic seo terms in our previous articles, and here we will go on to show you the common seo terms in this article.

PR. PR is short for pagerank actually. It can be used by Google to estimate the relative importance of pages around the web actually. It is the Google algorithm actually. Frankly, it results from the mathematical algorithm which is based on the webgraph. The pagerank value indicates the weight of your page. And each hyperlink to a page can be counted as a vote of support actually. PR is used to count link votes and determine which pages are more important. And the scores or votes can be used as one of the aspects to determine whether your page will rank well in a search.

Link bait. It is designed to attract the attention or links to your website. The bait can be any form, like video, a picture, a quiz or anything else. It can be regarded as anything that is interesting enough to catch people's attention actually. The bait can be a powerful form of marketing as it is viral in nature.

Meta Tags. The meta tags are mainly used to show search engines the content or information of your websites, or webpages. The meta elements are the HTML elements that are used to tell the structured metadata about a webpage. The meta tags are placed inside the Head section of the HTML code. Generally, such kind of tags can't be seen directly by human visitors.

Sandbox. The sandbox effect will be applied to the new website actually. When Google search engine put your website into the sandbox, your website will not appear in the normal search results for the normal search queries though you have good and stable rank before. Your website will be moved out of the box until Google think your website is legitimate. How long your website will be in the sandbox is uncertain.

Black Hat SEO. It is one of the seo techniques, but it is really unethical methods. Different from the white hat seo, it attempts to manipulate the search engine rankings through means specifically and implicitly forbidden by Google. Frankly speaking, the webiste uses black hat seo will be punished by search engines as long as it is found by search engines. The hidden text, 301 redirects, paid links, blog spam, domain grabbing and so forth are the black hat seo methods.

There are also other common terms like b2b, b2c, white hat seo, bounce rate, CPA, CPC, PPC and so forth. You can get more detailed information in our official website since we have introduced them in our previous articles. Our website: en.trueland.net


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