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How to Improve SERP Ranking?

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The SERP stands for search engine results page actually. It is a list of webpages that are in response to the expected keywords that users type into the search box. As we can see when we search something in search engines, there is a ranking or you can always find that there are 10 webpages in the home page, and each webpage stands in different positions. This is relevant to another term that is ranking. When it comes to the SERP ranking, we can't help SEO. Frankly speaking, all web owners know that they can boost the amount of traffic to their website if they can get a higher SERP ranking. The SERP results are ranked in order of importance or priority that are determined through various algorithms.

As we all know that traffic plays an important role in search engine optimization, since it can be converted into money or cash. In other words, it can convert your potential consumers to real consumers and promote your brands and products. Do you know how to improve the SERP ranking with the use of SEO techniques? Here we will give you a brief introduction.

First of all, you are advised to use the multiple web hosting. As we all know that the spiders of search engine gather content from metadata tags of a web page and index these into a set of automatically generated results. It records a count together with its basic statistics every time a spider hits on a website. And each website counts separately, though they may have some similar content. Hence we can say that the multiple web hosting is a form of search engine optimization. The ranking is based on the number of the counts that are generated by website actually. What's more, multiple web hosting also creates numerous back links which can also increase the ranking of your website on the SERP actually.

Second, you are advised to improve your CTR, or click through rate which stands for the rate of how the users react after opening your website or webpages. Not all users spend time on your website actually. So, he or she may closes the window after opening since he or she shows no interests actually. Hence, you are advised to improve your CTR to hold more and more users.

Third, you can reduce your bounce rate. As we have introduced above, there are some people may close your website when they opening the homepage or visits few pages. The lower bounce rate, the better ranking actually.

What's more, there are also other methods to improve your SERP ranking, like improving the quality of your content, using social media buttons and being socially active and so forth. You also should do the onpage optimization, build high quality links, improve your website structure and so forth. Don't use black hat methods.

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