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Use KeywordSpy to Select the Best Keyword

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Keyword is one of the most important elements in SEO, or search engine optimization. Choosing proper keyword can make it easier for your success. Generally, users use internet to get their expected information, products or services by typing the proper keyword into the search box provided by search engines. Then search engine will scan the Internet to find content that is relevant to the keyword. Search engines are a prominent source of online traffic. When selecting proper keyword, you should take consideration of keyword density, keyword popularity, the competition and so forth. There are various kinds of keyword analysis tools for your selection, like Google Adwords, KeywordSpy and so forth. Here, we will recommend KeywordSpy for you.

KeywordSpy allows you to find the effective and proper keywords for your website conveniently and effectively. But how to use such kind of keyword tool? Here, we will give you a brief introduction.

First of all, you should navigate to the KeywordSpy website. Type your keywords in the search box which is on the top of the website. There are "Domains" "Keywords" "Destination URLs" "AD Copies" under the search box, and you are advised to select "Keywords" if you want to analyze keywords. There are also a options box which can be used to select countries. This box is on the left of the search box.

Second, type one of your keyword into the search box and select a country, then click "Search". For example, if you type "wire duct" into the search box and select United States, then the KeywordSpy will display the "OverviewAds" "Related""Similar""Misspell""PPC Competitors""Organic Competitors", and you can click your expected information as you like. Taking the related keywords for an example, there are 1000 related keywords, like "cable duct" "wire raceway" "wire ducts" and so forth.

Third, it is the time to analyze the data of the search results. You can see the statistics of the related keywords, average cost per click, search volume and related information about your competitors very clearly and conveniently. Analyze the information to see which kind of keyword is suitable for your website. You are advised to choose keywords that have a high search volume, and low competition.

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