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Unveil The Secret of Web Traffic

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Web traffic is of great importance to search engine optimization (SEO). But can you tell excatly what t he web traffic is? Generally speaking, the web traffic is used to describe the amount of data that is send or received by visitors to a web site. You can have a clear awareness of which parts or pages of your site are popular or which parts or pages are mostly viewed by readers throught the analysis of web traffic actually. Traffic also can be used to analyze your website actually.

Frankly, almost all web owners will analyze their websites or web traffics to find the behaviors and interests of their users or visitors. As to those businessmen or companies, it is of great importance for you to analyze the traffics to decided which aspects of the website work along your business ends of internet marketing or search engine marketing actually. Good traffic can be changed to the purchase power and the business profit to company actually.

According to Wikipedia, you can analyze web traffic by viewing the traffic statistics found in the web server log file. A hit will be generated when any file is served actually. Web traffic is also sometimes measured by packet sniffing and thus gaining random samples of traffic data from which to extrapolate information about web traffic as a whole accross total internet usage.

There are many elements can be taken into consideration when monitoring web traffic actually. For example, the average number of page views per visitor, the number of visitors, average visit duration, average page duration, domain classes, most requested pages, most requested entry pages, most requested exit pages, referrers, and so forth. Generally, a higher number of average page views per visit may indicate that the average visitors go deep inside the website since the information of your website or pages are useful to users. Well, the average visit duration can be regarded as the totoal time a user's visit. Generally, the longer duration indicates that they are more interested in your information or company. There are also the most busy time of the website which can show the most popular viewing time of your website to make it easier for you to choose the best time to do promotional campaigns.

Well, most traffics are driven by search engines since countless users use search engines every second to search various topics, information, and so forth. When users click on one of the lists in the search result, they generate traffics to the website actually. Nowadays, more and more businessmen choose SEO to optimize their website to improve their rankings in search engines. As we all know  that the higher the ranks of your website, the more traffic of your website.

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