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Delicate Relationship Between SEO Link Building and Google Penguin Update

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As we all know that, linking building is of great importance to SEO. And Google changes its penguin frequently which will bring many problems to websites. Generally speaking, many websites drop down when the Google penguin updates. The SERP may drop in the most low place if your link sources and contents are not good actually.

Generally, the main purpose of the updates of Google Penguin is to punish the websites which draw backlinks from the low quality websites and especially those sites with backlinks that look unnatural to Google. Backlinks are important to the rank of the webiste, but you must ensure the quality actually. The websites with high quality blog or article contents will keep rank higher though the Google Penguin updates. Many websiters pay more attention to the quantity but not quality of backlinks. On the contrary, Google pay more attention to quality than quantity. If you link to link farm and other low quality websites, you will cost more actually.

Google search engine has its own advanced and accurate algorithm. And it has the ability to run down on any website with backlinks crafted to artificially inflate a site's backlink profile and cheat on SERP valuation system actually. There is no doubt that the websites with low quality links or link sources will be penalized by search engine. Even the languages you use in your backlinks and you own website can be used to evaluate the content relevancy of your site and your backlinks actually. There are many factors will lead to the penalization of the website. Here we will tell you how to build links to cater to the Google Penguin update.

First of all, you are advised to enrich your backlink sources. You are not advised to link your website to link farms since the quality of the links from link farm is very inferior. You are not advised to buy links or any other unethical or questionable link building practice, otherwise, you will get punished by Google. You can turn to forums, social bookmarking sites, guest blogging, blog commenting and other sources for help.

Second, distribute your links evenly in a natural way and avoid countless links from one direction. Google shows no interest in the anchor text which is keyword stuffed. Do not include so many keywords in your anchor text or you will be penalized.

Third, you are not advised to point every link to your homepage since it seems unnatural to Google search engine actually. Many websiters regard homepages as the perfect landing page for a webiste. However, it will seem unnatural if countless links point only to your homepage. You should try any other pages as your landing pages to make it more natural. All in all, quality is always an important factor both in link building and your website building.

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