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How to Write Advertorial to Balance Sales with Story?

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Advertorial should be a familiar words to people who do SEO actually. As one of the means to search engine optimization, advertorial really plays an important role in promoting sales. As we have introduced in our previous articles, advertorial is an advert in newspaper or magazine which present as real articles but subtly punt a business's products or services. When published in magazines, it can produce great influence.

Well, most writers may feel it is tricky to write an advertorial well since it has strict requirement if you want to publish it on magazines. For example, one of the requirements is that you can't be overtly sales. If your advertorials are heavy on marketing spiel or too promotional, the advertorials will be rejected. Generally speaking, a good advertorial will draw attention of readers naturally and they even will search for your websites or brands for products or services.

How to write a good advertorial? First of all, you should make your article seem as the magazine's common style. You should be familiar with the preferred style, tone and format of the publication of magazines. Do not be trapped into your own writing styles or format. You should know about the format of others actually.

Second, your advertorial should have the novel and outstanding angle. Do not use the common angle that most of writers tend to write. You should try best to find a hot topic or the noticed theme, show your comments, advice, solutions and so forth. For example, you need to write an advertorial around the keyword "seo company". There is no need to write something about what you can provide or the vacant promises. It is better for you to list the successful cases that your seo company has provided. This will produce a better effect.

Third, you are advised to leave more about your contact information, but not your price actually. Don't show your blatant advertising details to publics. Give more testimonials and quotes to make your advertorial more credible.

Fourth, you should build an novel, outstanding and shocking headlines to attract the attention of readers, or your targeted consumers. Generally speaking, a good article should have a good title, outstanding lead paragraph and last paragraph. Also, you can attract more caption by showing interesting and funny images.

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