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What Affects the Google Index Count Fluctuation?

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Google index count fluctuation should be paid sufficient attention since it is closely connected to your ranking and search engine optimization. The index count changes from day to day depending on various kinds of reasons. Some of the fluctuations even can lead to the great change of the Google search algorithm. So, as people who do seo or own a website, you are advised to know something about what affects the SEO Google index count fluctuation actually.

First, the algorithm change has great influence on the Google index count actually. Google tweaks its search algorithm to increase the relevancy of its search results. And if the algorithm changes, there is no doubt that it will drastically change what sites appear in the inde. Some websites may be banned or dropped since Google may set up new parameters. The main purpose of the panda update is to decrease the page rank of the website with low quality.

Second, the data centers are also have great influence upon the fluctuation of Google index count. The search results of Google are pulled from several different data centers. Many of the data centers have identical data, and others will differ in the number of sites they index. You will find the difference when you switch between different data centers for searching for the same term. The updating of the data center may make your page rank differently on different date centers. What's more, your geographic location may also affect the search results.

Third, the fluctuation may be caused by personalized results. The search results will be different when you sign in and out of your Google account for services such as Gmail since Google uses the personalized results as the way to provide you with relevant search results. Your website ranking may also be affected by the personalized results. It ranks your website by evaluating your activity of your web history actually. It is a fact that you give a vote to the sites that you like to visit, and it is connected with your search results.

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