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To Write Good Advertorials Is a Better Marketing Strategy

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In this competitive world, businessmen are trying their best to find the unique way to stimulate their sales. Many choose SEO as one of their strategies to promote their website, brands or products. And as to seo, content is the king. Nowadays, you will see that overwhelming hard printed advertisements can't concentrate the attention of consumers any more, and more and more businessmen have turned their hope to the so-called advertorial. As we have introduced in our previous article, advertorial is like an article, but it is written with your aims for advertising. But it is different from the conventional hard advertising which will lead to antipathy of consumers. So, it can make it easier to achieve your advertising goal.

Although it is an effective maketing strategy which can promote your brands, products and services, not all people know how to write the advertorial actually. Here we will tell you how to write it in an effective way. One of the basic principle is that you should ensure the advertorial will seem like an article but not an advertisement. And you should leave your contact information, like website address to consumers to make it easy for them to contact with you when they have the interest in your products or services.

So, how to write the advertorial? First of all, you should pay attention to your copywriting skills. It is not advisable to run any old kind of advertisement and expect consumers or readers to respond. You should write an attractive headline actually. Ensure that your headline is appealing. The interesting title is not enough if you want to keep people's attention. You also should provide the newsworthy article body. And you should leave a contact information at the end of your article.

Second, you are advised to try best to make your advertorial not seem like advertisement, but sounds like a sales letter. For example, your article can build an objective argument, offer the list of tips, tricks, reminders and so forth. You can build in supporting data, like graphs, timelines, charts, etc. The advertorial can have better influence if you use words from the industry expert opinions, reporters and so forth. In order to build interest, you are advised to build drama, fictional elements, description and other contents. Other forms, like interview elements, product reviews, videos or other supporting images are available.

Third, one of the best ways to determine whether your advertorial is effective or good is regard yourself as the readers to see whether the advertorial can stimulate your interest. Or you can stand the point of the readers to find the theme and topics as your advertorial subject matter.

Fourth, you can analyze the advertorial of your competitors to see how they write it. You may pay attention to their headlines, content, topics and so forth. Generally, you should analyze three types of competitors. First is the competitors who have strong competition and the best advertorial. Second is the competitor who has common advertorials. Third, is the competitor with the bad advertorials. Select the essence and discard the dross.

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