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Short Title Tag Should Be a Better Choice

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When it comes to SEO(search engine optimization), we can't forget the title optimization. As we all know that the title tag is of great importance to a website. The title tag usually appears on the top of the browser actually, which can be used to show both readers and search engines the main information about your website. The title tag is of great importance to determine the SEPR which is short for the search engine results position.

However, not all people can deal with the title tags well since there are always some people commit some common mistakes when creating their title tags. The common mistakes can be concluded into two sorts. The first one is to use a same title for all tha pages of a website. And the second mistake is to conclude so many keywords in your title tag. Both of the mistakes are not good for your search engine optimization actually.

Using a same title for all pages throughout your website really is an unwise act. Frankly speaking, the title should match the content of each page or your website. As we all know that, there are "Home" "Contact us" "Products " "News" "Service" pages on almost every website, and it is not reasonable to use the same title to describe such different webpages actually. Using the same title is not good for both human users and search engines actually.

It is also not good to include too many keywords in your title tag. Although search engines pay more attention to the title tag, and although to conclude a keyword in the title is good to your website and ranking, you are not advised to use too many keywords on the title. However, there are many people who want to increase their ranking in search results by putting too many keywords in a title which will lead to the unexpected results actually. What should you know is that the search engines put a value on title keywords depending on the total number of keywords. In other words, the higher the number of keywords in your title, the smaller the value it will be.

So, in conclusion, you'd better avoid use too long titles and the title tag with so many keywords in. A good title tag should be short. And it is better to describe the main content of your webpages actually. Do not use the same title tag for all the webpages throughout your website.

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