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Choose Successful URL for Your Successful SEO

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URL, as we have introduced in our previous articles, is short for Uniform Resource Locator. Generally there are various kinds of urls availabe and you can choose any one you like. However, different url will produce different effect actually. You are advised to choose those kind of urls that are easier for your SEO or search engine optimization actually. Here we will give you some tips on how to choose the ideal URL.

First of all, your url should be able to describe your content. It is better that your users can make an accurate guess on the content of your website by looking at the address bar before reaching it. So, this kind of URL can be regarded as one of the successful URLs.

Second, the URL should be as short as possible. Generally, the shorter your URL is, the easier it will be remembered and recognized. And it also will be easier to copy and paste or write actually.

Third, static URL should be your best choice. Static URL tends to be more short and effective than dynamic urls. Frankly speaking, some search engines make a point of treating static URLs better than dynamic ones with '?', '&' and '=' both unfriendly and unhelpful. So, static url is better than dynamic url.

Fourth, descriptive is better than number. Descriptive including a keyword should be an ideal choice. It is more effective to use descriptives than to use numbers. Descriptive URL will make it easier for ID problems in development and testing actually.

Fifth, use keywords in your url. Including keyword in your url is one of the effective methods to search engine optimization actually. Keywords are one of the great aspects of search engine optimization and you should map it to the proper pages and get to work.

Sixth, follow the conventions of the url of your area. You are advised to stick to the url guidelines once established since the users may have built a conventional idea of hot content is organized into folders and pages. So, you'd better uses single format throughout and don't try to make a unique section.

Seventh, don't use subdomains. Never use multiple subdomains since it is unnecessarily complex and lengthy. Subdomains have the potential to be treated separately from the primary domain when it comes to passing link and trust value. What's more, subdomains may takeover of SERPs and it is not the search engine friendly actually.

Eighth, your url should have no unnecessary folders.

Ninth, hyphens separate best. Hyphens are the best way to separate the phrase actually.

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