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What Is User Experience Design?

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User experience design is one of the important aspects of search engine optimization. According to Wikipedia,SEO user experience design can be shortened as UXD or UED. It is a "broad term that is used to explain all aspects of a person's experience with the system including the interface, graphics, industrial design, physical interaction and the manual. " Also, it can be regarded as the application of user-centered design practices to generate cohesive, predictive and desirable designs. The design should be based on the holistic consideration of user's experience actually.

The user experience design can date back to late 1940s. The field of UED roots in human factors and ergonomics and it focus on the interaction between human users, machines and contextual environments. The design is to find the common requirements of users and try best to satisfy their needs by obeying some rules or take some measures. It can be regarded as the design which concentrate on the user actually. Knowing what are the requirements of users will do great benefits when doing search engine optimization.

There are many things or aspects that should be taken into your consideration when designing your UED actually. And the user experience design includes the users' emotions, the appeal of UI and visual design and so forth. Only when you know clearly about the user experience, can you optimize search engines or optimize your websites in a right direct. That is the reason why we say that user experience design is of great importance to seo.

Taking the visual design for an example, it is also called graphic design or communication design. It refers to the aesthetics of the front end of any user interface elements. Do you know the purpose of the visual design? It is to use visual elements to convey a message to its audience. There are also other designs, like architecture of information, labeling structuring, findability, interaction design and so forth.                                                                                                                                                                                           
So, in order to create the proper UED, you are advised to create the layout of the interface, define the interaction patterns best suited in the context, incorporate user needs collected during user research into designs and so forth. Also, you should know that features and informations that are important to users. You should build affordances to make intuitive interface and so forth.

There are also some design principles when making the user experience design that should be obeyed. For example, you should avoid unnecessary product features, simplifying design documentation and customer-facing technical publications. You should improve the usability of the system and therefore its acceptance by consumers. Use detailed and properly conceived guidelines to expedite design and development. You also should incorporate business and marketing goals to cater to the requirements of users.

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