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Build Banner Advertisments to Attract More Consumers

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Banner ads can be regarded as one of the most common advertisement forms on the Internet. Banner advertisement is easy to place on a webpage and it can be made with common image formats and editing softwares. Banner ad, as one of the SEO techniques, should be one of the most easy way to attract consumers actually. In order to build a banner ad, you will need the image editing software and HTML editing software. The format of your banner ad may be different from computer to computer since the settings of individual monitors and video adaptors are different actually. So, you are advised to review your banner ad on different computers before you finalizing it actually.

First of all, decide what size the banner will need to be. Generally, the Interactive Advertising Bureau is a good source for standard banner ad sizes. There are many sizes for your choice. However, the most generic size should be 468x60-pixel Full Banner size and the 728x90 Leaderboard size.

Second, create a new blank image with the image editing software. The software will ask you for the dimensions of the new image. Make sure the software is set to use pixels as the unit of measurement and insert the measurements previously decided on. The image should be transparent with a blank white background.

Third, the image of your banner advertisement should be edited to include your expected advertising information. The banner advertisements can include all manner of images and text and are limited only by imagination and the capabilities of the image editor being used. The banner ad should entice the viewer to click on it. Save a copy of the banner ad in a format that will not drastically reduce the quality of the image through compression. You are advised to choose . PNG and .TIF formats since they rarely affect image quality. Use .JPG or .GIF format to save a second copy of the banner ad. .JPG format is ideal for high-color banner ads, while .GIF format is more appropriate for simple advertisements.

Fourth, submit the ad to the websites. The banner ad can be inserted by using the HTML <img> tag and the standard link format if the banner is to be placed on your website.

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