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How to Rank Higher on Google Search Engine?

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Higher ranking means higher opportunity for your website to success. Do you wan to rank higher or appear on the first page on Google search engine? However, ranking on the first page requires a lot of hard work. And we will give you some tips here to tell you how to rank higher on Google.

First of all, you should choose your proper optimized keywords or key phrases. For example, if your optimized keyword is "SEO company", you will want to rank first on Google when users type in "SEO company", right? So, the first step is to choose the proper keyword phrase.

Second, you should put the keyword phrase in the tile of your webpage. The webpage tile appears at the top of your web browser, and it can be recognized by both human users and search engines. For example, if you type the "SEO company" in the title of the page, you will boost the page's ranking actually. Including keyword in your title will be a better choice to enhance your ranking.

Third, you can put the keyword phrase in your URL. You are advised to choose a URL with the keyword phrase in it. A domain name with a keyword phrase in should be a better choice.

Fourth, put your keywords on the top of your page in large text. Within the page itself, it is good if you have "SEO company" appear in large text before the page itself. It should appear very early in the page in large text. The keyword phrase should appear several times throughout the page which will help rank first in Google. Attention, avoid keyword stuffing.

Fifth, you can creat backlinks with your keyword phrase. Backlinks are just links to your page. You can put them on other pages in your site since it can help you rank first in Google. You can also place it on other websites, pointing back to your page.


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