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What Are the Differences Between Dynamic And Static Webpages?

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As we have introduced in our previous articles, dynamic pages provides a better user interface and higher quality content which are usually searched by your target users. It is more manageable actually. While the static webpages require no advanced programming skills and it doesn't provide the ability to retrieve user input. Frankly speaking, static pages include the content that does not change unless the HTML is edited or changed. There are many difference between this two kinds of webpages actually, and we will give you a brief introduction here.

First of all, they are different page types actually. The dynamic pages are programmed using several languages, like PHP, VB.NET and so forth. These languages provide the tools necessary to retrieve content from database. However, static pages are typically created with simple HTML editor.

Second, they are different in their specific functions. Frankly speaking, both of them are designed to present content to users. But they have differences actually. For example, the main function of dynamic pages is to bring content relied upon input. Websites present dynamic content that changes depending on the URL clicked or the search phrase used to find the page. Well, static content provides a non-changing page that remains the same regardless of the link clicked, URL entered or what search engine the reader users to access the page. This is also another great difference between them.

Third, they are different in their file extensions. You can distinguish a dynamic page from the static one by checking their URL file extension. Generally, the file extension of dynamic pages is .htm or .html. However, the dynamic pages have the file extension of .php.

Fourth, they are different in index pages. The index page will show the same content unless the website's creator changes it manually. While the index page of a dynamic website displays the content added most recently. Do you know what is the index page? Actually, it is the main page of a website. You can see it when you type the website's name in your browser. There are also other differences between them actually. And both of them have their own advantages.

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