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Tips on Checking the History of Domain Name

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As we have introduced in our previous articles, the domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, and so forth. It is used in various networking contexts and addressing purposes. Generally, a SEO domain name represents an IP actually. The history of domain names differ greatly. There is no doubt that longer history will have higher weighting. Domain names are indexed by search engines.

Domain name history plays an important role in search engine optimization actually. It is of more great importance when you decide to purchase the domain name actually. Here we will give you a brief introduction on how to check domain name history.

First of all, you should check the historical domain content. Are you confused of the question why should we check the historical domain content? Well, researching old content will allow you to determine whether the domain has a history of questionable business practices. Do you know the "Wayback Machine"? It houses a database of more than 150 billion webpages from 1996. You can visit the Wayback Machine if you want to check the old content.

Second, you should enter the domain name in the search box after you have entered the homepage of the Wayback Machine. You can visit domainname.com actually. Start  your search. Click the "Take me back" button to begin your search. The Wayback Machine will return results for the domain you entered. The page will list the year and the number of the available pages if there is information to be found.

Third, the history of the domain name is very important. You should check the content history of the domain name by clicking the data for each entry you like. The machine will return the available content and images from the selected time period.

Fourth, you are advised to check  the historical domain ownership. In order to accomplish such kinds of work, you are advised to visit the Domain Tools database. You can visit its website and click the "Domain History" link. It will provide a listing of ownership records and hosting history. What should be told is that the site is not free. So, you should pay $15 per month as the membership fee. You can sign up to set your own account. Select a membership that is suitable for your situation and complete the sign-up process. Then check the domain history. Visit the Who Is database which provides information on the registrant, technical and administrative contacts of Internet entities. There will have the buttons like "Go!" and so forth. You can go on with the tips button on your screen.

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