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Static Webpage and SEO

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Do you remeber that we have introduced something about the dynamic page in our previous articles? Frankly speaking, static webpage is defined in relevant to the dynamic page. The static webpage is also called flat page and stationary page. It is a page corresponding to a content. The static page can back the database and classification system and the front open. Different from the dynamic pages, it provide the same information for all users from all contexts. Generally speaking, static webpages are the HTML documents which are stored as files in file system and made available by the web server over HTTP.

Well, the static pages have subtle relationship between SEO actually. As to the SEO professional, static pages can provide the easy way to tailor SEO efforts to specific keywords. Here we will give you some tips on how to creat and edit the static webpages to achieve the maximum seo effect.

First of all, you are advised to choose the proper keywords. Generally, 2 or 3 keywords will be proper. You should figure out what kinds of subjects or related subjects are mainly searched by people. You can use the keywords analysis tool to help you actually. As we all know that keywords are of great importance to SEO. So, you are advised to pay more attention to it.

Second, pay attention to your navigation, sitemaps and robot.txt. As we all know that both search engine spiders and human viewers tend to choose a clean and well-organized website. One of the best ways to make your website clean is to make sure a clean navigation. Try to avoid image and javascript links. You are advised to link to absolute URL, and avoid flash actually. HTML and XML sitemaps can make your content easily found by search engines. It is helpful especially for the webpages which are buried deep within your directory structure and are not linked to from your site's navigation.

Third, you can name or rename your file name accordingly. It is much easier for you to give your URL a new name rather than name it based on your priority KWs. Renaming your file is no more difficult than copying an existing file and giving it a more seo-oriented file name. You can use a 301 redirect to your old URLs. Then you will want to make sure you 301 redirect your old version to your new one of you are renaming an existing URL. Your link equity will be split between the old and the new page rather than being focused entirely on the new one.

You should also pay attention to your meta tags actually, like the title tag, meta description, and meta keywords. The title should be descriptive and contain your priority keywords. The proper characters should be 60 to 80 actually. The description can show up in your search results, so it can help rank higher if you write well. Meta keyword is also very important. You are also advised to pay attention to your body copy and links. As we all know that interlinking is important to search engine optimization.


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