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Delicate Relationship Between SEO and Dynamic Webpages

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Do you know what is the so-called dynamic webpage? According to the wikipedia, "A dynamic web page is a web page with web content that varies based on parameters provided by a user or a computer program." Frankly speaking, search engines, like Google will spend more time to index dynamic pages than the static webpages since it is difficult for search engines to recognize and scan the dynamic pages. However, with the proper SEO strategies, it is possible to have your dynamic webpages recognized and ranked by search engines.

You should try your best to have dynamic page fit into your search engine optimization strategy. The dynamic pages are run off of information, code and text that is stored on a database that runs the pages. So, it is hard for search engines, like Google to analyze dynamic pages. It is impossible for search engines to access information that is stored in a database when they analyze the website with dynamic pages. This is a big problem for you if you want to get a good rank in search results. What should you do?

Here are some SEO methods that can be used to help solve your problems. For example, you can use static pages to refer the search engine crawlers to your dynamic pages. You can create individual links to your dynamic pages by creating a table of contents or a site map page on your domain. Then search engine crawlers can index the content of your dynamic pages much easier. What's more, you can create XML feeds for your dynamic pages and sitemaps which can then be indexed by search engine crawlers. You can match your keywords from the dynamic pages to search engine databases to make the pages and contents of your dynamic pages accurately displayed in search results. So, it can help you rank higher in search results.

Also, you can convert your dynamic page URLs into the URL that the search engine crawlers can read. Generally, search engine crawlers will neglect the URL when they run across the symbol like "?" or "&" in a URL. You can use the XQASP tool to convert your URLs of your dynamic pages actually. Also, you can contract the services of a Paid Inclusion Program offered by most major search engines to make your dynamic webpages work with SEO.


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