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Tips and Strategies of Building Link Popularity

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As we have introduced in our previous articles, link popularity is used by search engine to determine the site's position or placement in search results. It is of great importance to search engine optimization (SEO). Generally, the more links a website has, the more chances it ranks higher. But it is not absolutely since there are also many factors influence the quality of links and so forth. Link popularity, frankly, is the sum total of links that point to a website from other websites. There is no doubt that the websites with higher link popularity can rank higer than those with the lower link popularity actually.

There are many ways to improve one's link popularity. But the basic and main methods are article distribution and the acquisition of link partners actually. As to article distribution, you can compile a list of article directories which have the "do follow" links. You should submit articles to such kinds of article directories on your list. The article should include a link back to your own website in the section commonly referred to as the "Author Resource" box. The article should be about 400 words and it should be wrote around your optimized keywords or your website topics.

As to acquiring link partners, you are advised to make a list of websites which are similar to your own website actually. You can get the email address and telephone number of the websites from their resources actually. Contact the owners of website via email or phone. Request to trade links with the website owner. As to the unresponsive website owners, you are not advised to give up, but to follow up by repeating your request until they agree to trade links with you.

The above methods are the natural ways to get links, so it can be supported by search engines. Although the natural way to ge links works slowly, it can be effective actually. Here are some tips for you on link building. For example, make your link exchanges look like they are acquired in the natural way. Ensure that your links appear in places where search engine expect them to be. You should ensure there is no keywords stuffing in your anchor text actually. You are also advised to use useful and interesting content to attract links to your website.

You'd better get away from the methods that will be punished from search engines. No link farms, suspicious looking websites or poor quality link exchanges. Buying links is much discouraged by search engines, like Google. You should avoid link trading sites or any site publicly announcing that it sells links. Do not mix buying links with the paid advertising. Do not be obsessed with backlinks. The links must reflect the quality of content. All in all, the artificial link building will be punished sooner or later, and only the natural links can benefit your website longer.

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