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A Brief Introduction to Link Popularity

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When it comes to the issue of webpage placement in search engines, we have to talk something about link popularity. Link popularity refers to the number of links that point to or from relevant websites. It can be used as one of the important methods to improve the relevancy of your website in search engines. The internal links, inbound links, outbound links are the three types of links that will help increase the link popularity of your website.

As you may know that the early search results mainly depended on the information on a webpage to determine the webpage ranking in search results. As a result, keywords and other information in the page's metadata played an important role. In order to improve rank, website owners try their best to stuff keywords to their webpages. However, with the link popularity, this kind of stuffing keywords situation can be improved actually.

As we have introduced above, three main link types can help increase the link popularity, so let's talk about it in the following parts. First of all, the internal links. Internal links are the the number of links to and from pages within a site. The cross links help the search engine spiders find and index your important pages quickly and effectively. It will have a better effect if the pages are buried deeply within your website. Second, the inbound links. The inbound links are also called incoming links. And the inbound links popularity refers to links pointing to a site from other related sites. It includes the links from sites you control and you don't control. As to the links from your controlled sites, SEO experts do recommend linking between sites with targeted keywords. Main search engines, like Google, show great attention on the text used within and close to links. As to the links from site you don't control, you can ask the sites politely to get the permission of them to get them link to your website. You can ask websites that link to your competitors actually. Third, the outbound links. They refer to links pointing to other related sites from your website. You are advised to post links to your relevant websites actually since search engines will crawl the outbound links of your website and determine that the content of the sites you link to are related to the content of your website.

What's more, site map is also anothr way to make search engines to find your webpages and contents easily and effectively. And link keywords are important to name your internal and outgoing links carefully. They can be used to determine the relevancy of a webpage. Also, link quality is also of great importance to the link popularity. You can concentrate on getting links from include major search engines, popular search portals, web directories and so forth. What should you know is that not all links contribute the same weight to link popularity. You are not advised to get links from link exchange sites and link farms actually which can be identified by search engines. And actually, these are groups of website with bad quality, which will bring negative influence on your link popularity. In order to increase your link popularity, another effective method is to create great content and seek quality inbound links.

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