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Difference Between Ethical SEO and Unethical SEO

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an effective method to help businessmen market better in comparison with their competitors. It can make your website ranking higher and get more traffic and potential consumers with proper seo techniques or methods. The methods of search engine optimization can be classified into honest methods and dishonest methods. Generally, the honest methods are called ethical seo. The dishonest methods are called unethical seo actually. And their basic or main difference is that ethical search engine optimization techniques follow the search engine rules but the unethical seo not.

Ethical SEO is similar to the so-called white hat seo actually. As we have introduced in our previous articles, white hat uses the accepted SEO techniques. The ethical methods are clearly visible or obvious to a website visitor. While the unethical SEO is often referred to as black hat seo or the spam. Unethical SEO is all about cutting corners and cheating the accepted code of conduct. The goal of unethical methods is to rank higher quickly in short terms. Unethical seo methods tend to post countless links with low quality in a short time actually. Generally, the unethical practices and techniques are not obvious to visitors. And it will be punished by search engines whenever the methods are detected by search engines.

When it comes to the manifestation of ethical and unethical search engine optimization methods, we should have to talk something about their practices. Generally speaking, the following practices can be regarded as ethical seo techniques and practices: 1) Creat different kinds for separated website pages; 2) Use keywords and content that is relevant to a website visitor; 3) Add sitemap to your website to make it easier for both search engine spiders and users to search easily; 4) Exchange links to reliable and quality websites; 5) Update articles, blogs or pictures in your website regularly. However, the following SEO practices and techniques will be regarded as unethical actually: 1) Hide text; 2) Hide links to make it less obvious to a website visitor; 3) Making use of automated queries without the permission from search engines; 4) Use too many keywords and hidden text on website. This is unfriendly both to search engines and human users actually. 5) Use duplicate contents; 6) Use misleading and disruptive trading links to mislead users; 7) Create false doorway passages to direct users to other websites.

Generally speaking, ethical seo technique are allowed and supported by search engines and it can bring benefits to website in a long run. However, unethical seo methods will be penalized by search engines sooner or later. Although you need to spend more time and energy on search engine optimization if you choose ethical methods, it really deserves your efforts. Although unethical methods can bring higher rank in a short time, it can't bring benefits to your website in a long run.

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