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The Best SEO Technique - White Hat or Black Hat or Grey Hat?

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As we all know that there are various kinds of SEO technique both at home and abroad. When it comes to the search engine optimization techniques, we have to talk something about the most common techniques, like white hat techniques, black hat and grey hat. White hat SEO is considered ethical SEO technique, while black hat SEO is regarded as unethical SEO. Well, gray hat walks the line between the white and black hats of search engine optimization. There are of great differences actually. Here we will give you a brief introduction.

Let's begin with their definitions. White hat seo is an ethical seo method which is supported by search engines. White hat only uses legal and company sanctioned techniques to move a site or pages rankings up the pages in the top search engines or to gain traffic. It will not cause the penalty from search engines generally. This kind of technique is beneficial both for search engines and human visitors. Black hat is used to define the seo techniques that are unacceptable to search engines. It tricks search engines into giving pages higher positions in search results. This kind of techniques do no benefit to visitors or users. The only goal of black hat is to improve search engine result positions. Black hat techniques are regarded as unethical techniques. Well, grey hat, as we have introduced above, it walks the line between white hat and black hat of search engine optimization. The vast of majority of internet marketers and individual seo's wear the grey hat actually. Gray hat seo takes more risks than white seo techniques. But it will not likely to get website punished or penalized from search engines. Although it is questionable SEO techniques, it is different from black hat actually. Frankly speaking, grey hat lean toward the black hat and you will makes you black hat by doing anything illegal.

Second, let's have a look on their manifestation and their techniques. When it comes to white hat, we will show you in three parts: content, coding and linking. As to content, white hat researches relevant keywords, both short tail and long tail keywords. And place the keywords naturally in page titles, headings, link anchor text, other page content and alt tags. What's more, add fresh content regularly. As to coding, white hat use correct HTML markup to make search engines search and identify headings and contents correctly and quickly. Create proper site maps that every page is linked to and search engine can crawl every page easily. White hat also uses CSS to seperate content from markup to increase keyword density by having less markup to crawl. As to linking, there is no doubt that white hat tends to create links with high quality and link them to relevant websites. White hat also optimize pages via social media platform or arrange for link exchanges with relevant sites. When it comes to black hat, the manifestations can be shown as following: email spam, false testimonials, unrealistic earnings expectations, hidden re-bill charges, credit card transfers to other companies, software theft and so forth. Well, grey hat may buy or sell links, spam forums or comments for links, sneak redirects in ads, affiliate cookie stuffing, mislead advertising. Grey hat will also use fake social media accounts, the vast majority of affiliate and so forth.

What's more, they are different in cost. Generally speaking, white hat cost more since it is time consuming and has to be done by human. Grey hat is cheaper than white hat. But it can't get the long standing results actually. Black hat is also cheaper than white hat seo techniques actually.

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