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One of Effective SEO Techniques - Grey Hat

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Gray hat is one of the effective SEO techniques between white hat and black hat. However, it takes more risks than white hat search engine optimization techniques. Although it is questionable SEO technique and may lead to the search engine penalty, it is not the same as black hat search engine optimization techniques actually. It is of great importance to your website development actually. Gray hat is the risk and reward thing though it is ill-defined by all Google SEO guidelines. Gray hat SEO lies between white hat SEO and black hat SEO means that, the site owner provides greater risks than white hat marketing by disobeying to some of the search engine guidelines, but at the same time ensures limited disobedience so as not to fall into black hat marketing. So we say that gray hat is different from black hat SEO techniques.

There are many gray hat SEO techniques actually. Using it properly will promote the development of your website. Next we will show the techniques to you. To find more detailed information, follow me please!

First of all, let's talk something about cloaking. Generally speaking, cloaking is the techniques of presenting one from of content to viewers but another form to search engines. Frankly speaking, it is a practice that reeks of deception. There are certain cases when the gray hat can be regarded acceptable. For example, it is acceptable when the website has content that is only available to members. Then, this kind of practice may be abused. Well, it is true that every website needs to set something out in code for search engine spiders but show it in a more attractive form to human viewers.

Second, the paid links. As we all know that links, both internal links and external links are of great importance to SEO. The purpose of purchasing links for advertising purpose is fine. However, you should control your buying degree. Google strictly prohibits link schemes, but sometimes money can change hands for links without it being a scheme. It is possible to buy links from others' website in a legitimate manner, however, it is in your website's best interest to ensure the search engines will be able to differentiate.

Third, duplicate content. When it comes to the duplicate content, it can be used either legitimately or illegitimately. It is a good method to build your reputation as an authority in your subject by posting your articles to resource sites. However, it may lead to problems if you post it to the wrong sites. What should you know is that duplicate content can be considered legitimate in rare cases. It is regarded as unacceptable in most cases.

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