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Are Internal Links And External Links Vital to SEO?

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Generally speaking, each website needs the support of links, both internal and external links. The links can be incoming, outgoing and internal actually. Internal links are hyperlinks that when selected directs you to a new page or area of the same website or domain. It will take you to the home page but not an external site. However, the external links are hyperlinks that lead you to a new website actually. It is obvious that there are differences between internal and external links. However, both of them play an important role in search engine optimization (SEO).
As you may know that link building is one of the most important part in the algorithm of search engines. And search engines use it to decide where each website gets ranked when users type related words or phrases in the search engines. There is no doubt that you will have more traffic if you rank higher for your optimized keywords. Having many other websites link to your website or webpage can provide more support to you which can be a signal to Google that your site is interesting and important. And the more links you get, the more importance and relevance Google will place on your site.

There is no doubt that your website will rank higher if you have 150 other websites linking to your website while there are only 30 websites link to your competitors' website. And the quality of links is of great importance. For example, there are two websites which have the same quality content, the same quantity links, but the quality of links is different. There is no doubt that the website with higher quality links will rank higher.

However, both internal and external links should be related to the content of the page and the content. Links that have few relationship with your site or content will be of little value to you. What's more, too many links will make your site be labeled as its farm actually. However, too few links will make you lose out to sites that have more and better-targeted sites.

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