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External Links and SEO

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Do you know what is external links? Generally, it is defined in relevant to internal links actually. An external link is a link which points at the external domain actually. And external links are of great importance to search engine optimization (SEO). Frankly speaking, external links are very popular in SEO areas. External links are a great metric for determining the popularity of a given webpage. This metric is combined with relevancy metrics to determine the best results for a given search query. As you may know that traffic is a messy metric and it is difficult for search engines to measure accurately. However, external links are more easier and stable for search engines to measure. This can be regarded as one of the reasons why it is so popular. What's more, external links can provide relevant clues which are of great importance to search engines. This can be regarded as the another important reason why external links are important.

External links are of great importance to search engine optimization. Search engines are looking for ways of making their results as accurate and specific as possible. Search engines tend to choose the site which has the high-quality content and link popularity. For example, there are two websites of the same content but different links. There is no doubt that search engines will choose the site with the more external links.

Here we will give you some optimization tips. First of all, you should find the important and relevant websites which you can link to. Make sure of your external links are related to the contents of the linking page. Make direct and top-level domain links should be one of your best choice. Well, the amounts of external links should be controlled in the proper range. Too more or too less are not proper actually. You will be penalized by search engines if you have no external links. However, too many links will do bad effect on your site's ranking. Also you are not advised to use link farms and so on. External link-building is recognised as the single most important element in gaining high search engine rankings. What's more, you should avoid unmonitored links, and undisclosed paid advertising. Links from link farm allow your readers to post hundreds of links to your website will quickly turn off your readers and your site will penalized by search engines. While the undisclosed paid advertising can be very annying to readers.

You are advised to add good external links to relevant sites that provide additional information about the topic. Search engines will not penalize you for good external links. And it is beneficial for search engine optimization actually. You can use external links to provide more information and references to show your website.

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