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Remeber These Important and Actionable SEO Rules!

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For those who work in SEO areas, especially those who have higher level of the corporate search engine optimization process. Generally speaking, proper optimization can help rank higher in search engines. However, there are also some over-do examples in the SEO areas. Frankly speaking, over optimization can't help you realize your expected effect. Here we will give you some actionable rules to help optimize search engine in a better way.

First of all, you are not advised to change your URLs without a proper reason. Don't change your URLs if you have had rankings, links, clients or visitors unless your SEO advises the change. Generally, it is a great temptation to change all of your URLs when you redesigning them. What should you know is that search engines put more emphasis on the old URLs which have been indexed for a long time. There is no doubt that there is value to the links pointing to them. There will be a risk of losing such kinds of value if you change your URLs without identifying the proper redirection strategy. You are advised to make sure to run a web crawl of your website and match it up to the areas of your new beta site. Ensure your URLs remain unchanged or are 301 redirected correctly.

Second, SEO should be included from the earliest stages of your website redesign. So, you are advised to do search engine optimization in your digital marketing strategic planning process. The optimization work should be done in the all process. It is not right for you to decide to do your search engine optimization work after your site has been finished. As the proverb goes, "Good start and preparation is the half of success". Hence, it is better for you to start your seo strategy much earlier.

Third, analyze your keywords properly. There are countless keywords analysis tools online and some of them are free. You can find all of your competitors' top search phrases in a matter of minutes with the use of such kinds of keywords tools. It is better for you to looking for high benefit and how opposition to determine your keyword targeting strategy. Some tools can also help organize your conversion goals, user path, site organization and individual web page layout. There is no tiny mistakes in search engine optimization areas since simple mistakes can lead to big problems. And the mistakes may make you miss or lose opportunities in what is often a very long-term strategy and process. So, you'd advised to put more emphasis on the keywords analysis.

Forth, put emphasis on your title tags. Title tags have always been  high on the search engine checklist for a reason. Good title tags help a lot in increasing ranking in search engine results. Good and attractive titles are of great importance to attract user click-through rates in search results. You can have a very significant impact on your ranking and overall organic traffic to your website.

Fifth, you should organize your website information architecture by keyword priority. Well, search engines can find the important areas of your website through the information architecture. What's more, put more emphasis on the inbound links.

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