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How to Build SEO Sitemap?

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SEO sitemap is accessible both to human users and search engine spiders. And it can be used as the access to webpage or website both to search engines and human users. There are two popular versions of a site map actually. XML sitemap and HTML sitemap are the two popular versions of a sitemap. The XML sitemap is a structured format that a user doesn't need to see. And this kind of sitemap is used to tell search engine about the pages in your site and their update frequency. Different from the XML sitemap, the HTML sitemaps are used for human users actually. They are designed to help users find content on your web pages. These two kinds of sitemaps make it possible and easier for both search engines and human users find pages on the website.

Different from the traditional method of submitting to search engines, XML sitemaps fill out a form on the search engine's submission page and it has replaced the old method. Frankly speaking, XML is more precise than HTML coding actually. Sitemap can make sure every page you want listed in the search engines in known about by search engines. And it can let you tell all search engines about new pages on your own schedule. And it can make it clear to the search engine which pages you care about and which you don't care about and your update frequency actually. The sitemap also can be used to give you a closer understanding of how the search engine sees your site. It also can give you an access to diagnostic tools provided by the search engine that you otherwise cannot reach.

Sitemap can allow you to detailed error reports and crawl information from Google that you can't get otherwise. Gives you access to diagnostic tools provided by the search engine that you otherwise cann't reach. But do you know how to create a site map for your own website. Next is a brief introduction on how to create.

First of all, create a site map using a word-processing program or a sheet of paper. And your sitemap must include all pages and necessary target links. Then open the page where the site map will be located or create a new page for the site map. Position the cursor at the insertion point. Copy and paste the site map from the word-processing program, or type it in manually. Link to each referenced page or target link using the command. Save the page and preview it in a browser and to check all links to make sure they are valid. Upload the page to your website and re-check the links.

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