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Does Shadow Domain Affect SEO?

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Shadow domain can be indexed by search engines. And its pages are loaded with extra keywords that make the page look like top-notch content to the search engine spider and help rank the page higher in the search results. It can be used to fabricate false ranking within search engine results very quickly. The practice of shadow domain is not the most popular. Search engines look at it with disfavour and judge it as search engine spamming actually. Frankly speaking, it is an unethical SEO method.

Shadow domains are when different domains are used to create various web addresses which direct users to the real target website on the primary domain. They have many web pages which are optimized with they wanted search phrases and keywords. The webpages on shadow domains are not intended for viewing by human readers and the pages are intended with the optimized content that is designed to get the good results from search engine spiders. Are you confusing how search engines increase their ranking within search engine results? Well, search engines will process all the content on the shadow domains when users are redirected immediately from shadow domains to be more user friendly website on primary domain. Then search engine can increase the ranking within its results.

As we have introduced above, shadow domain is an unethical technique which is not approved by search engines, like Google, Yahoo and so forth. Once discovered, it will lead to the loss of both the primary domain and shadow domains position within search engine results. All the domains, including the target domain will be penalized and dropped from the top of the search engine results if the domain were crawled by search engines and when search engines detect this cheating method.

Hence you should be very conscious since your high organic position gained with years of SEO work will be destroyed in a moment. Shadow domain is also called ghost domain and it is the name for a domain which channels traffic to a site. A throwaway domain is needed which then will either link or redirect the traffic to the intended real site. This will be regarded as creating spam. And there is no doubt that search engines will not rank a site found to be on a shadow domain.

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