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Brief Introduction to Hidden Text

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Generally speaking, we support white hat SEO techniques and the ethical search engine optimization methods. Because all your cheating methods or tricks will be detected by search engine spiders sooner or later. Don't be so arrogant to look down upon the great functions of search engine spiders. They know all your tricks actually. When you try your best to have invented a new method to trick search engines, they most likely already have a way to prevent you from doing so. Hidden text is also one of the unethical search engine optimization method which will lead to punishment actually.

Well, do not expect to hide from the search engine spiders actually. Search engines tend to penalize those websites who tend to use hidden text as their search engine optimization stratety. Do you think that your hidden text is not visible both to human readers and the search engine spiders? You are totally wrong if you say yes. Spiders surely have the ability to detect your cheating tricks. However, countless webmasters mistakenly believe that they can stuff their keywords and phrases in the hidden text to increase their keyword density and to achieve a higher ranking. And they totally mistakenly think that spiders will not detect it actually.

Hence, they use a font color identical to color of the background, or use a very similar color to the color of the background or hide the text behind an images to hide the text and cheat the search engine spiders. However, what beyond their imagination is that spiders are smarter than they think. Search engine spiders have the sufficient ability to match HTML text color with the background color to easily identify when hidden text is being used. If they detect your hidden text, they will treat your text as spam and give you punishment.

How to distinguish the hidden text from the good text? Well, the hidden text may be used if you find a page with a lot of empty space, especially between the last paragraph of a text and the lower navigation structure. Or there is another method for you. You can highlight the suspected area by clicking and holding down your left mouse button. You can judge that the text is a hidden text if words appear where they were not there before.

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