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Keyword Stuffing - How to Avoid?

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There are some web owners or SEO companies tend to use excessive keywords to achieve higher rankings. And this kind of SEO method is the so-called keyword stuffing. It is an unethical method actually which was widely used in the past. But now it can be detected by most of search engines. Frankly speaking, it will lead to resentment of search engines since it aims at manipulating search engines. You are advised to know something on how to avoid spamdexing or keyword stuffing and use a more friendly SEO technique to gain higher ranking and more visitors.

There are many efforts can be done to avoid keyword stuffing. And here we will give you a brief introduction. For more detailed information, please follow me:

First of all, you are advised to avoid using meaningless or irrelevant keywords. The relevant or meaningless keywords have nothing to do with what is on the web page or else add little value to its content actually.

Second, you should write text naturally to get a natural and proper keyword density. Generally speaking, a keyword density over 5 percent is regarded as keyword stuffing or spam. You should read your text after the writting to see whether it is natural or not. Do not make it seems artificial or forced. Rewrite or modify your text if you use the same keyword in your text more frequently. Get rid of the excessive repetition of keywords in titles, meta tags and alternate text in images. Descriptive sentences will be better than the spam repeated words.

Third, this is of great importance to write for your visitors. What should you know is that your text should be read by human readers, but not only search engines. Stand on the view of users to focus on what will be helpful and practical to your readers. The higher quality content will also help gain more visitors and traffic.

Search engines will figure out and knock your website ranking down for this and it will take a long time to recover from this. Main search engines like Google, change their algorithm frequently, so you should provide whatever the search engine tend to look for, then you will rank nicely. Frankly speaking, Google doesn't like keyword stuffing at all. You will punished if Google detects keyword stuffing on your webpage or website.

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