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What Does SEO Keywords Stuffing Mean?

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As we all know that, search engine optimization can be sorted to onpage SEO and offpage SEO. And the keyword plays an important role in the offpage SEO. When it comes to the issue of keywords, we can't help talking something about the keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing can be regarded as one of the unethical search engine optimization techniques actually. And it occures when a web page is loaded with keywords in the meta tags or in content. Frankly, it had been widely used in past for a higher ranking on search engines for particular phrases. Well, there is no doubt that no website is so foolish to use this kind of outdated and vain method to increase their ranking actually. This kind of stuffing technique can't bring high ranking for pages now.

Frankly speaking, keyword stuffing was not punished in the past and it was regarded as either a white hat or a black hat tactic in accordance with the context of the technique and the opinions of the person judging it. The stuffing would not be considered as the deceptive manner when a great deal of keyword stuffing was employed to aid in spamdexing since it was of little benefit to users.

The common techniques today for keyword stuffing are repeating the same word over and over again in the Meta tags, which is why many search engines don't look at the meta tags anymore and on the page with text which has the same color as the background. And this is also known as invisible text or hidden text actually. Hidden text from visitor is done in different kinds of methods. Text colored to blend with the background, and therefore out of the view of the visitors. Now, almost all invisible or hidden text techniques can be detected by search engines, like Google, Yahoo and so forth.

Too much keyword stuffing, although has the potential or possiblity to increase your ranking, it also can lead penalty to your website since most search engines put their efforts on quality but not quantity. Your stuffing keywords may be regarded as spam and be penalized.

Keyword stuffing may drive your visitors and the possible conversions away. There is no doubt that no one want to read a text or paragraph stuffed with the same keyword for many times which will make people irritated. Generally speaking, a keyword density over 5 percent is likely to be considered as spam which will put your website at risk. So, you are advised to keep a proper keyword density to avoid keyword stuffing and write natrually if you do not want to be penalized by search engines.

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