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302 Redirection - A Temporary Redirection for SEO

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As we have introduced in our previous articles when we talk about the 301 redirections, we ever refered to the 302 redirection actually. We regarded it as one of the SEO directions, as well as the 301. Here we will give you more detailed introduction to the 302 redirection actually. As it is described in RFC2616, the 302 redirection is the requested resource resides temporarily under a different URL. Well, this kind of redirection might be altered on occasion, so the clients should continue to use the request-URI for future requests actually. Generally, the browsers automatically follow these redirections and they also display these temporary address in the address bar.

Generally, the owner of the link of URL asks the users to go on to use the address since the redirect may be modified later when a URL returns to a 302 redirect. The same adddress pointed to by the redirection will eventually be saved in the browser favorites. There is no requirement that athe owner of the page pointed to by the redirect is the same person. And the owner may not wish the contents is presented to another web site. And the challenge for search engines is to allocate the content to appropriate address. There are some differences if the addresses belong to different domains or the same domain.

And the 302 redirection is used when you don't decide to keep your domain name in the browser address bar, or  when you intend at a future time to fully host your domain name or when you in situation where your free web host or web hosting provider does not allow the Masked Forwarding to your long URL. Just as some people are confused on when to use the 301 redirection, there are also many people confused on when to use the 302 redirection. Well, above situations are for you to decide when to use 302 redirection.

Well, why should we use the 302 redirect? Generally speaking, it is not used frequently since a 301 redirect should be a better choice in some cases. So, why to use it? When a website has technical difficulties while they work on the existing site, they need 302 redirect to direct the main URL to a backup site. A 302 redirect will not pass the reputation and credibility of the original URL to the new URL permanently. Hence, the original URL will still have a great chance to regain its previous ranking glory when you remove the 302 redirect actually.

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