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Is 301 Redirect the Friend of SEO?

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There must be a need of doing the redirect of your old pages or files to newly named or newly created pages when you are doing search engine optimization, or SEO. When it comes to the issue of the redirects, we can't deny to say there are really many types of redirects actually, one of which is the 301 redirect. There are also other redirects, like 302 redirect and so on. Frankly speaking, 301 redirect is one of the most popular redirect type among the search engine optimization areas.

Well, you may change your website or webpage some day, and you must tell search engine spiders that your website or webpage has been moved to a new location. Well, the 301 permanent redirect is needed in such kind of situation. With the use or help of 301 redirect, there is no need to rebuild the link popularity from scratch actually. It will save you a lot of time and energy. It is a seo friendly redirect which is recommended by all major search engines, like Google. Whenever you change your page names on your website, you will need to redirect your old pages to the nwe page with a 301 redirect for search engine optimization.

The 301 code in the header of the response from server tells the browser that the page has been moved to a different address. And it will tell the browser that the new address of the page can be found if follow this very code. Then the server should do its job and it's the business of browser to reapply at the new address for the required page. The 301 redirect is the í░permanentlyí▒ moved redirect, and it tells the search engines that this is a permanent change and any link value associated with the domain name should be passed on to the target location. Hence, it can ensure the users can find your new website or webpage actually.

Many people are confused when to use a 301 redirect, right? Well,  you can use it when  you have registered a new secondary domain for your primary site, or when your primary site URL has changed, or when you have moved your site to a different domain or when you have implemented a URL rewrite. It is highly recommended to register a domain name for your business or branding. Then you can redirect them to the main website via 301 redirect. The 301 redirect allows visitors and search engines to access a web page after it has been moved. It is the most search engine friendly method of redirection to new URL or page actually.

Well, do you know how to link 301 redirects to redirect your content for SEO? Here, follow me to get the right answers:

First of all, you should log in to your Internet Services Manager. And you should navigate your content to the page you want to redirect actually.

Second, double-click the "HTTP Redirect."

Third, you should type the new page URL.

Forth, you are required to click "Redirect all requests to exact destination."

Last, click the apply button to complete your redirection work.

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