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What Are the New SEO Trends in 2013?

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With the fast development of science and technology and the increasing requirements of consumers, there will be many great improvements on search engine optimization (SEO) in its tools, techniques, resources and so on. As we have introduced in our previous articles, search engine optimization includes various kinds of aspects, like its keywords, contents, meta title and description, links, domain names and so forth. There is no doubt that the optimization improvements will mainly be represented in such aspects actually. SEO in 2012 is massively changing, and more innovative strategy is required to a better ranking in search engines. What will be the new trends in 2013? There are many predicts actually. Now please follow me to have a look at these new trends in our following parts.

First of all, search engines will pay more attention to the humanized ranking both in short terms and in the long run. It will use more social medias and the human relevancy quality testers. Frankly speaking, Google is using such factors for more real-time research. Expect to see links with long term longevity on social networks rank higher and reciprocal links matter less. What's more, quality is of great improtance both to search engines and human users. Your contents on website should have high quality.

Next, there has been a huge expansion in the mobile search market of 2012. Countless people search something via their phone actually. Computer is no longer the only searching resources in the markets. Mobile search will be the biggest search medium actually. So, if you want to do seo in an excellent way, there is no doubt that you should know clearly about this trend to adjust your optimization strategy to adapt the new trend.

What's more, social media will be put more attention in the year of 2013. Social media will be an even bigger factor in Google's algorithm actually. And the long detailed posts will win in the end actually. Long detailed posts are good to both search engines and human visitors since it can help to understand what you are talking more comprehensively. Longer posts is beneficial for Google to classify your content more accurately.

Title tags and headings are of great importance in the year of 2013. So, you are advised to define a topic in a crisp manner to induce your readers to read on. And the domain authority is still a trump card. Good old classic domain authority is still the heavyweight in the room.

Well, when it comes to the search engine optimization, we can't ignore the optimization of links since links play an really important role in SEO. It is known to all that Google uses links to measure the authority of the webpages. If a webpage can attract links from other pages, google algorithm will decide which page is number one for a search result which can help to increase the authority of a web page.

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