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What Is the Average SEO Cost?

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Frankly speaking, money or the cost or price is one of the vital factor taken into the consideration of many businessmen before they choosing a SEO company. Also, it is reasonable and natural that all people want to achieve their goals in the most competitive price and the same quality. Hence, there is a necessity to know more about the seo cost actually. Like all the goods you can buy from the mall, the common rule is that price is equal to its quality. There must be great differences between the handbag of 20$ and the handbag of 200$. It is the same with SEO price. Generally speaking, cheap out will only cost you more in the end.

The SEO cost includes many different kinds of aspects. There are hourly seo costs, by-the-project price, montly retainer price and so on. Let's begin with the hourly seo cost. Generally, the price is different in different coutries. However, the most common hourly cost of SEO is about $76-$200/hour. The price may differ for some different reasons. For example, India is the only developing region that was well-represented in our survey and the hourly costs of $76-$200/hour covered 50% of all firms. It was highest in Australia/New Zealand at 62%, followed by 58.1% in the US and 56% in Canada.

Next, there is also a monthly retainer price actually. Well, there is of the widest distribution on monthly retainer price actually. It is said that montly retainers are the most distributed of the price questions asked in some surveys. And the two most common were $251-$500/month (13.8%) and $2,501-$5,000/month (11.3%). While, the by-the-project pricing is popular and most commonly  $1,000-$7,500. This kind of price may differ greatly for the types of projects. There is a wide variety of prices here, for example, 1% of respondents said they offer project-based pricing, while 43% of consultancies were represented by the four price ranges: $1,001-$1,500, $1,501-$2,500, $2501-$5,000 and $5,001-$7,500. The cost may differ for different kinds of project types actually. Though Project-Based Pricing is Most Popular, the Majority of Consultancies Also Offer Monthly Retainers and Hourly Rates actually. The price of seo may different for some different reasons actually.

Cost is depends on size of website and competition of keywords for seo services, your targeted location, number of keywords etc.  Generally speaking, any price should be given in according to the specific query. Anyone that says "$xxx per month" without looking at the query is just going to milk you unless the query is extremely simplistic. Before you hiring a SEO company, you'd better know more about the factors that may affect its price or cost actually.

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