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The Latest 2012 SEO Website Design

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As we all know that search engines, like Google, use web spiders to go through websites. The spiders collect relevant information about website for corresponding keywords and deposit the information into a database. Well, web pages  play an important role since it looks more relevant come out on top. Website design really plays an important role in search engine optimization, SEO. Good website design is friendly both to search engines and  your users actually.

Generally speaking, one of the original and most effective way to rank well with search engines is to update and optimize your content actually. Frequent updating can allow your website to rank higher on search engines. Before we introduce the ways to webdesign, you are advised to get some basic information about how google indexes the webpages. Generally speaking, search engine robots only access the underlying code that displays page content. Search engine robots first look for 3 lines of code inserted near the top of the page, like title, description and keywords. And these meta codes are not seen by visitors.

Google spider analyzes each individual page via the mathematical algorithms. Google supercomputers use it to crunch the data and determine the content topic and ranking of that page. They view the next page on your website to determine the topic and ranking comparison. They establish your niche and the overall theme of your website throughout your website with ranking and cross ranking. So, now you know how should  you do to design your website. Next, we will introduce you the latest 2012 seo website design methods for you.

First of all, review of the title tag in  your web design. The page title is the most important factor that decide your ranking in website. Title will appear in the very top of the browser next to the icon in the far top left of the computer. Then you should know how to creat an attractive title which can help increase ranking. The title should include key words about that page similar to a newspaper headline. Use key words that describe what you
do, not who you are. What's more, you are advised to review the importance of meta code. Both meta description and meta keywords should be taken into your consideration. The purpose is to inform search engines what to expect on the page. The keyword list used to be one of the key SEO factors for ranking well. Note that the description is a complete sentence, and uses the SAME phrase included in the Title. In addition, you should pay attention to the onsite content, since it is of great importance both to search engines and human visitors. Others, like inbound links, also should be taken into your consideration.

All in all, please remind the following tips in your mind when design website. Create unique and attractive title tags with keywords for every page. Maintain a proper internal linking structure for your site. Text based navigation should be used if possible. Use links with keywords in the anchor text which are helpful to both search engines and people. In order to help search engine spiders crawl your site better, make sure your site's code validate. Please put relevant keywords to your page name or URL and seperate the words using hyphens. But don't use images as headings and overdo the use of graphics. Don't use tables to create your site. Please ensure that all the images used on the page have been optimized.

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