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Basic Tips on SEO Blog Optimization

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Blog optimization should be one of the important part of the search engine optimization (SEO) and it also plays an important part in increasing the website or keywords ranking on search engines. If you write a blog article about the hot topic, there will be thousands of other blogs competing directly with yours for attention on search engine search results. Hence, you should optimize your blog if you want to get the best chance to be  noticed both by users and search engines.

There are many efforts can be done to optimize your blog actually. Generally speaking, the blog optimization is similar to the content optimization or website optimization in many ways. Let's begin with keywords. When it comes to the issue of keywords, there are many aspects to be noticed or optimized actually. For example, you should find or choose the most suitable keywords at first. You can use a keyword search tool such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool to test variations on an article's main keyword phrase. Well, you will find that there are so many related keywords or phrases, right? Actually,  you should select three or four or five to enter these words into search engines to see which one is searched by most people.

Next, we will continue to talk about another topic about keywords, and that is the keyword density. There is no doubt that keywords play an important and irreplaceable part in search engine optimzation. However, the keyword density should be proper. Too many or too few keywords distributed in webpages or contents are not good for the ranking. You are advised to copy and paste the text to an online text analysis tool before publishing it, which can  help to display the most common words and phrases in an article. Generally speaking, the words which is related closely to the topic of articles should appear most frequently without appearing so often that the article looks like spam. However, you should rework the article so the main keywords fall naturally within the text more often if the words appearing at the top of the list are unrelated to the article's topic. Only when your keyword density being controlled in a proper way, can you improve the blog quality actually.

What's more, optimize your blog images by adding tags to the images. Generally, the search engines can't index images without text and it only use text to analyze the content of a web page. So, when there are some images in  your blogs, and you want to make it be indexed by search engines, then you need to add a description for the images. Type an alt tag when  you add an image to a post actually.

When optimizing your blog, you are advised to avoid flash and embedded movies since they can slow web browers down. What's more, search engines only index text, so too many flash or movies can't be indexed by search engines and  you can't get higher ranking on search engine result pages.

Last but not least, you are advised to publish new fresh content. Both search engines and users tend to search for the fresh and new content which is more practical and useful to them. Only when you releasing great content, can  you attract more consumers and more traffic.

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