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Are There Some Differences Between On Site SEO And Off Site SEO?

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Generally speaking, on site SEO is the seo techniques that you do to your website. That is related to keyword density, meta tags, alt tags and so forth. While the off site SEO is the technique you do in order to create an inbound link for your website, which is related to article writing, forum posting, blog posting and such. Both are also known as on page and off page search engine optimization respectively.

On page search engine optimization simply describes the process of optimizing a website for a particular keyword which involves the strategic placement of keywords in your website code and your website content. The on page optimization includes title tags, meta description, URL structure, headers and so on. While off page optimization contains acquiring links to your website from other websites on the Internet. These links are known as backlinks. And the backlinks from websites of high authority can hellp build your authority website.

In general, changes in pages of a website for ranking is known as on page optimization. Well, off page optimization means there is no any changes in webpages actually. And it is more powerful than on page for getting rank higher in search engine actually.

Both on page optimization and off page optimization are very important and they can't work without each other. Onpage optimization plays an important role in making your website friendly. It refers to what can be done on the page, like huge list of attributes, sharing few important attributes like title, meta keywords, meta description, alt tag, and so forth. And it can be optimized SEO friendly as per latest Google Algorithm. Generally, the optimization is required only one time but can work for long. However, we should update as per current marketing tactics actually. Well, offpage optimization is what can be done off the page, like article submission, directory submission, business listing, blog commenting, search engine submission and so on.

The optimization techniques of on page and off page SEO are also very different. For example, the techniques for onpage optimization includes unique content, no spamming, alt tag optimization, submission of XML sitemap, title tag or page title optimization and alt tag optimization and so on. While the offpage optimization techniques include expertise in link campaigning, article submission, Rss feed submission, forum posting, directory submission, SEO proposal preparation and social bookmark and so on.

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