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What Are The Differences Between 301 Redirect and 302 Redirect?

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As we have introduced in our previous articles, a 301 redirect is needed when removing a website or webpage since no one want to lead search engines or visitors to a dead page or website when they search for your site or page. What's more, no one hope to waste the inbound links to the dead page. One function of SEO 301 redirect is to reroute links which points to the dead page to a new page or existing webpage or website.

You should redirect all of the old pages and links to the new website if you are launching a brand new site with a new URL. No one is foolish to abandon the search engine trust for his old website or URL. Frankly speaking, the trust of search engine is one of the important fact that affects the SEO or search engine optimization. And the trust with be closely affected with the growing age. Generally speaking, a new site has no search engine trust at all. So, if you don't use a 301 redirect to pass your old webpages or website to the new page or site, your site is the so-called new website without search engines trust actually. The direct result is that you will lose all of your online brand recognition, ranking and traffic and the search engine trust. Your visitors may drop from a highly 50000 visitors to only 5000 or less visitors if there is without the use of 301 redirect.

Well, a 302 redirect is more of a temporary solution in comparison with the 301 redirects. 302 redirect is used for a website or webpage that is temporarily unavailable. However, the 301 is used for the websites that change forever. The temporary unavailable website is just like an e-commerce website ran out of stock for one product, but it doesn't mean that this website is unavailable forever. So, the site owner may need the 302 redirect to lead both search engines and human visitors to somewhere else to avoid the temporarily unavailable website.

Different from the 301 redirect, the 302 redirect does not pass the link juice from one URL to another and the new page destination will not benefit from the other page's links. The search engines will keep trying to crawl any URL that has been 302 redirected.

Well, both 301 and 302 redirect may appear virtually identical to users as they will be brought to the new location either way. However, the difference between the two is important when it comes to search engine spiders. Both of them allow spiders to find new pages on your site. The difference is that 301 redirect informs the spider to remove the old address from the search engine's index and to index the new address in its place while 302 redirect simply informs the spider that the old address has temporarily moved.

What's more, 301 redirect is more likely to get all those dofollow links or link juice. The redirected using 302 direct when you are not likely to be getting all the link juice. But sometimes, 302 will be treated as "spam" and you can easily get blocked by major search engines.

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