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What Are the Golden Rules of SEO Link Building?

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As it is recognized to all that link building plays an important and irreplaceable part in search engine optimization (SEO). Appropriate linking to your website can help your website to attract more visitors and higher ranking. However, not all links can achive this kind of goal. There are some links which is inferior and usually get resentment from both readers and search engines. Now, we will give you a brief introduction about the golden rules of SEO link building in this article.

So, what are the golden rules of SEO link building? Well, let's begin with the content creation. The excellent content on a great site can attract more attention from social shares, links and so on. As we all know that link building is the one of the most important and most difficult aspect in any search engine optimization campaign. However, you can get the great benefits from it if you do it well.

Well, if you want to build links in a better way, then you need to alter your link building strategy actually. There are some solid or fixed patterns of link popularity process, but what should you avoid is to follow this kind of rigid steps or patterns. You are advised to alter your link building strategy every month. Both search engines and your competitors have no access to track your link building patterns, and no one can track it actually. One of the good way to make your link building more natural and not automated is to change your link building strategy frequently to make your link building process unpredictable. It will have a good user experience for your potential consumers.

What's more, you are advised to vary your anchor text. To main search engines, like Google and Yahoo, they tend to prefer the natural organic links and are strict against forced linking. However, it is a clear indicator of the forced linking if you use the same anchor text external links. So, if you want to own the high population to your website, you'd better vary your anchor text.

Another rule of link building is  to maintain constant flow of inbound links. Are you trapped into the same problem of getting hundreds or thousands of inbound links instantly when you start a new website but getting none for  a while? This has been regarded as one of the common mistakes that almost every SEO company is making now. However, as we all know that search engine optimization is a long-term work and you will need constant flow and make your links more natural to search engines. Generally speaking, it is difficult to build links for each page on your website though they are very important. However, you can place internal site linking on the pages with higher number of backlinks to these important pages that have lesser backlinks. As to those not very important pages, like Contact us, you are advised to place the no-follow tags for them actuall.

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