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How to Make Your Title Tag More Friendly to SEO and Users?

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Search engine and searchers can use search engines to find your  webpages very easily. Generally, title tags are designed to label your web pages actually. Good title can help to bring many visitors and traffics to your website and can make your website rank higer in search results of the main search engines, like Google, Yahoo and so on. Optimizing title tag is also an important part of search engine optimization (SEO), and there are many efforts can be done to achieve this kind of goal.

Well, what should you know is that title tags can help to attract more visitors and traffics only when it can be presented in a more friendly and natural way both to searchers and search engines actually. So, how to make your title tag more friendly both to SEO and searchers? Follow me and you can get the answer.

First of all, choose the right keywords. Ensure that the keywords that you choose should make sense to the searchers. What you choose should be able to describe your web page properly, and you must make sure people can have a clear awareness of what's the main character or content of your webpage or website. Ensure that your title includes the practical or proper keywords actually.

Second, make an analysis on which kind of words are widely typed into search boxes by searchers or analyze the search boxes to find out which kind of relative topics are popular among searchers. What should be analyzed and concluded is that, the words, like one words or two words. Generally, people tend to type only one or two words into search boxes actually. So, it can be regarded as your keywords or you can develop long tail words on the basis of these kinds of keywords. And use it into your titles properly. Have you noticed that the words also include the misspelled words actually. It is common that people will type the wrong words into search engines and it is also common that there are some habitual spelling errors among searchers. For example, many people will spell the word "environment" into "enviornment", or spell "scaffolding" by "scafolding" and so on. So, when you choosing the words, especially the long tailed words, do not ignore the misspelled words when creating your title tags. Remember that search boxes will still go to your pages and the misspelled words will not appear on your website since they are hidden in your computer code actually. That is the reason why you can also find your expected contents though you type the words with spell errors. As to those who are working for seo services, it is also a good way to find the useful words.

Also, you should also know which kind of words are used most frequently. For example, as to the word "buy", there are many synonyms, like "buying" "purchase" "purchasing" "pay" "pay for" and so on. All the words can show the meaning of buy, but what should you do is to find out which word is most frequently used by users. Different words, though in the same meaning, can bring different traffics to your website actually. And you can try to use different key words in your title tags for each web page on your website since it also will help to get more hits since it can bring people to your website by more words which can improve the clicking rate of your website or webpage actually.

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