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What Are the Search Engine Ranking Factors?

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As you may know, the ranking of websites in the search results is not stable actually. And there are many different factors that contribute to this kind of result. According to our survey, there are four main factors that affect the search engine ranking actually, and they are the on the page ranking factors, off the page ranking factors, violations and blocking.

What should you know is that factors generally work in combination. Or in other words, no single SEO factor will guarantee search engine ranking. For example, having a good content is not enough if there is no good title. Generally speaking, the website's ranking will be very high if all the factors can work together. Here we will talk about the factors in the following parts. For example, on the page search ranking factors are those that are entirely within the publisher's own control. You should have a clear awareness on your content, your HTML clues and so on. You should provide important HTML clues that help search engines with determining relevancy. You should publish the practical and useful and fresh content. What should you do is to make you rank higher.

While the off the page factors are those can't directly controlled by publishers. Another factor of ranking shouls be violations. It is known to all that search engines hope that people can perform SEO and they provide professional seo techniques and encourage this. Well, you must have known or heard of the spam and black hat, right? These will be get penalty or published by search engines, like Google, Yahoo and so on. Next let's talk about the blocking.

Well, weighting should be one of the most important factors which has a bigger impact than other factors actually. There are also other factors that affect the search engine ranking, like keywords use in title tag, anchor text of inbound links, global link popularity of site, age of your website, link popularity within the site's internal link structure, topical relevance of inbound links to site, link popularity of site in topical community, keyword use in body text, global link popularity of linking site, topical relationship of linking page and so on.

Taking keyword use in body text for an example, you should know how often and what keywords being used and how relevant is your article to target keywords. There is the regulation of the ideal keywords density of your articles or text which is 2%~8%. You can use the search keywords and phrases throughout your page. Avoid the keywords stuffing since it is unfriendly to search engines actually.

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